Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks! is the 76th FREE community game arrangement album released by OverClocked ReMix, arranging the soundtrack of Rare's Nintendo 64 space shooter/action-adventure hybrid Jet Force Gemini. It features 18 tracks arranged by 12 artists and was released on June 22, 2021.

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This album was made by fans, for fans, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Rare or Microsoft; all images, characters, and original compositions are copyright their respective owners.

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Message from Command

I remember getting hyped for this game way back when it was first introduced in Nintendo Power. I was already a Rare fanboy due to my love of Donkey Kong Country and this was just yet another great endeavor in their growing roster of masterpieces. Popping that cart into my Nintendo 64 that first time and seeing the Rare logo with that ominous jingle followed by bombastic title screen music, I knew I was in for a good ride.

And that’s exactly what we hope to deliver to you with this album, a good ride from start to finish! The overall genre of music present through the album alongside track order was carefully crafted to flow from one to the next to give you a single cohesive experience from the moment you press play. There is even a separately remixed bonus track meant for just that purpose - with specifically created transitions between tracks, it is intended to be an aural experience enjoyed via a single sitting period.

Like my previous album project I managed, Jet Force Gemini was completely off the radar on most remixers history of games they were familiar with. Being the sole person directing and managing this (albeit smaller) project was challenging. I thankfully secured some insane talent who were all more than willing to give this underrated gem a shot and the album we’ve created, I’m sure you’ll come to agree, is one freaking fantastic collection of songs that’ll knock your socks off! So sit back, grab your rocket launcher and enjoy blasting some ant guts across the walls with this album, Mizar Attacks! Enjoy!

- Darkflamewolf (Director)


  1. "Galaxy Quest" by HeavenWraith
    Source: "Main Title" by Robin Beanland
  2. "Dreadnaught of War" by Glejs
    Source: "Battle Cruiser Sekhmet" by Alistair Lindsay
  3. "Big Bug Funk" by Deedubs
    Sources: "Ichor Military Base" by Alistair Lindsay and "Funky Disco" by Robin Beanland
  4. "Tick Tock Tawfret" by bLiNd
    Source: "Tawfret" by Robin Beanland
  5. "Ruins in the Deep" by Sam Dillard
    Source: "Water Ruins" by Alistair Lindsay
  6. "The Edge Calls Me" by MkVaff
    Source: "Rith Essa" by Robin Beanland
  7. "Goldwood Glimmerstep" by bLiNd
    Source: "Goldwood Forest" by Alistair Lindsay
  8. "Dance of the Ant Spawn" by GlacialSpoon
    Source: "Spawnship" by Alistair Lindsay
  9. "Under Cerulean Skies" by Gario
    Source: "Cerulean" by Alistair Lindsay
  10. "Bone and Marrow" by Deedubs
    Source: "Eschebone" by Robin Beanland
  11. "CompuSiege" by aluminum
    Source: "Mizar's Palace" by Alistair Lindsay
  12. "Fury Cutter" by PirateCrab
    Source: "Boss Battle" by Robin Beanland
  13. "World Destroyer" by Deedubs
    Source: "Asteroid" by Alistair Lindsay
  14. "Anthem Anubis" by bLiNd
    Source: "S.S. Anubis" by Robin Beanland


  • Director: Darkflamewolf
  • Artwork: Inert-Ren
  • Art Director: Kitsune Schwarzfeuer
  • Sound Designer: Foxfall


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